Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 67

Bibliographical sources mentioned in this text:

Fusch, Remacle 67.4, 67.5
Guiccardini 67.5, 67.10, 67.13
Limprand 67.10
Martinus, Ĉgidius is mentioned in the cartouche of the Limburg map as its editor, Ort67; in text 67.16
Münster 67.10
Ptolemĉus : Bk.2, Ch.9 Geography 67.10
Rheginon 67.10
Rhenanus, Beatus 67.11
Spinola, Gaston, Count of Bruay, France, was instrumental in producing this map. Vrients dedicates the map to him. 67.15

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