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Welcome to Cartographica Neerlandica. We, that is Dr. Marcel van den Broecke and Dr. Deborah van den Broecke-Günzburger, sell old maps, and also publish articles and books about them. We specialise in atlas maps by Ortelius (1527-1598), which appeared in his atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. This was the first "modern" atlas published. We can offer almost all maps that appeared in this atlas, and have various copies of each of them.

Marcel and Deborah

We have other maps as well, dating from as early as 1493, for instance many woodcut maps and views from Schedel's Liber Chronicarum, to maps from the 18th century.

You can look at all our maps in stock.

You can read background material on Ortelius' maps.

We also have Baedeker travel guides.

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