Cartographica Neerlandica Map Text for Ortelius Map No. 187

Text, translated from the 1579/1580L2Add, 1579 Latin (AB), 1580/1589 German, 1584 Latin, 1587 French, 1592 Latin, 1595 Latin, 1598 French, 1598/1610/1613 Dutch, 1601 Latin, 1602 German, 1603 Latin, 1606 English, 1608/1612 Italian, 1609/1612 Latin & 1624 Latin Parergon/1641 Spanish [but text in Latin] editions:

187.1. {1592L, 1595L, 1601L, 1603L, 1606E, 1608/1612I, 1609/1612S/L & 1624L Parergon only{THE ROMAN WORLD
OR}1592L, 1595L, 1601L, 1603L, 1606E, 1608/1612I, 1609/1612S/L & 1624L Parergon only}
{1579/1580L2Add{THE ROMAN EMPIRE
{not in 1598/1610/1613D & 1606E{Book 14 of Ammianus Marcellinus [Chapter 6, § 3]}not in 1598/1610/1613D & 1606E}.

187.2. {1606E only{Ammianus Marcellinus writes as follows in his fourteenth book:}1606E only} {1579/1580L2Add{At the time that triumphant Rome {1587F, not in 1608/1612I{(which shall flourish as long as there are men living upon the earth)}1587F, not in 1608/1612I} first began to grow to the credit and honour of the world, [so that] it might further rise by degrees and lofty increments to [become] a firm league of eternal peace, virtue and fortune (which often disagree) [in our case] fully consented and agreed [with this development]. For if either of them had opposed, it [Rome] would surely not have achieved this height and greatness. The people of this city from its first infancy to the end of its childhood, which was limited in time to about three hundred {1580/1589G & 1602G instead{13}1580/1589G & 1602G instead} years, survived bitter assaults and wars with their neighbours around them.
187.3. Then having grown to adulthood and past infancy, after many outrageous furies {1606E only{of Mars}1606E only}, it passed the Alps and the narrow sea. Having reached the state of manhood and its best years, it brought away from all quarters of the world the laurel sign of conquest and triumph. But now having grown old and doting, and sometimes only bearing the name of conqueror rather than winning anything in practice, it has resorted to a more quiet kind of life.
187.4. Therefore this city, reverend for so many glorious conquests of stout and fierce nations, and for the many good and wholesome laws it has enacted, has now at last, like a kind and thrifty parent {1580/1589G, 1598/1610/1613D, 1602G & 1608/1612I have instead{mother}1580/1589G, 1598/1610/1613D, 1602G & 1608/1612I instead}, both wise and wealthy, committed its patrimony and possessions to its emperors, as to its natural sons, to be ruled and governed [by them]. And recently, the tribes and wards being idle, and the centurions and weapon holders being inactive and quiet, and there being no dissension in the senate house, more secure and calmer times have returned, such as those in which Numa Pompilius lived.
187.5. Yet, in all parts of the world, it [Rome] is regarded as a mistress and a queen, [and] in all places the reverend grey hair of the grave senators, and the very name of the Roman nation are greatly esteemed and [considered] honourable everywhere. So far for Ammianus. {1592L & 1598/1610/1613D only{But you should also read the first part of the History of Appianus Alexandrinus}1592L & 1598/1610/1613D only}.{1601L, not in 1602G{You shall also find this in the satirical poem by Sulphicius: There are two things which raised great Rome to its height, [namely] valour in war and wisdom in peace}1601L, not in 1602G}. This Roman empire, in the judgment of all men, was considered very great and large, as indeed it was, especially if you compare it with other empires from former times, as those of the Assyrians, Persians and Greeks. The same [is true] for those which since their downfall have sprung up in their place, such as those of the Othomans {1606E only{among the Turks}1606E only}, the Sophies {1606E only{among the Persians, of the great Cham over}1606E only} the Tartars {1606E only{in Asia}1606E only}, and of Prester John as we call him {not in 1606E{in Europe}not in 1606E} {1606E only{over the Ęthiopians or Abyssines in Africa}1606E only}.
187.6. But if you compare it {1587F & 1598F only{and measure it on a world map}1587F & 1598F only} to the monarchy which Charles the fifth, emperor {1606E only{of Rome}1606E only} within the memory of our fathers established in various parts of the world, {1592L, not in 1598F & 1602G{which his son Philip in our age has enlarged}1592L, not in 1598F & 1602G}, and [if you] look at a universal map of the earthly globe, and establish and measure the size of this compared with those other [empires] by eye, you shall plainly and truly see that this [empire] may not only be preferred above all those others just mentioned, but even above that which the Romans used to have. {1579/1580L2Add, not in 1592L & 1598/1610/1613D{The kingdom of the Portuguese, after having subdued under their obedience the marine tracts and sea coasts of East India by various navigations, together with the islands in that area, if those were extended as far inland as they now command the shores, it might undoubtedly be considered not the least of the empires}1579/1580L2Add, 1579L(AB), 1580/1589G, 1584L, 1587F, 1598F & 1602G end here; not in 1592L & 1598/1610/1613D}.
187.7. {1601L{Seeing therefore that these [regions] are now also at this day under the obedience of king Philip just mentioned, who is there, who does not see that this empire is the greatest that there ever was in the world?}1601L}.
187.8. {1595L{not 1598/1610/1613D{About the empire of Rome, as it stood in his days, Tertullianus in his book De Pallio speaks like this: Revera Orbis cultissimum huius Imperij rus est, {1606E & 1608/1612I only{that is, Indeed, the whole world is nothing but a farm, well stocked and provided, belonging to this empire}1606E & 1608/1612I only}.
187.9. {1592L{Finally, Ovidius in his second book De fastis writes about it like this: Gentibus est aliis tellus data limite certo, Romanę spatium est urbis & Orbis idem [Ch. 24, line 684]}1592L, 1595L, 1601L, 1603L, 1609/1612/L/S end here; not in 1598/1610/1613D}. {1606E & 1608/1612I only{[That is:] All other nations on the earth may name [their] bounds for certain, but the size of the world and of Rome only are the same}1606E & 1608/1612I only, which end here}.
187.10. {1598/1610/1613D instead{Ovidius
There is some limit for the size of many other kingdoms,
But Rome can only be compared to the entire world.}1598/1610/1613D instead which ends here}.

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