Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 069

Bibliographical sources mentioned in this text:

Bouillus, Carolus : Discourse on languages (69.2, 69.8)
Brontius, Nicolaus: Discourse on Hannonia (69.3)
Cæsar 69.7
Guicciardin 69.5, 69.10
Hogenberg, Franciscus is mentioned on he first Hannonia map as its engraver, Ort69.
Hubert, Thomas of Liege : De Tungris & Eburonibus 69.7, 69.10
Lessabæus, Iacobus : Treatise on Hannonia 69.2, 69.10
Ptolemæus 69.7
Surhonius, Jacobus is mentioned on the first Hannonia map as its maker, Ort69

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