Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 066

Bibliographical sources mentioned in this text:

Becanus, Ioannis Goropius : Becceselana 66.14
Gerard, Ioannes 66.14
Guicciardin 66.13
Homer 66.2
Marselarius, Hadrianus is the person mentioned in the cartouche of thre late brabant map to whom this map has been dedicated, Ort66
Leodius, Hubertus : About the Tungri and Eburones 66.14
Plinius 66.3
Servilius, Ioannes : Treatise about Guelders and Brabant 66.13
Spiegelius, Iacobus : Letter to Guntherus of Genoa 66.2
Stella, Christoffel : Voyage of the Kings 66.20

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