Cartographica Neerlandica Topographical names for Ortelius Map No. 201


Quadrant Text
C3  Alsatić [The dignitary of Elzas.]
B1  ARCHIEP.COLONIEN:|Archicancellari,in Italia (A1) [The Archbishop of Cologne, Archancellor for Italy.]
B1  ARCHIEP.MOGVNTINVS|Archicancellarius in Germania (C1) [The Archbishop of Mainz, Archancellor for Germany.]
A1  ARCHIEPISCOP.TREVEREN:|Archicancellarius in Gallia [The Archbishop of Trier, Archancellor for Gallia]
D2  Badenić [The Marquis of Baden]
B2  Bauarić [The Duke of Bavaria]
E2  Brandenburgensis [The Marquis of Brandenburg]
B2  Brunsuicensis [The Duke of Brunswick.]
D1  COMES PALATINVS|Dapifer [The Dignitary of the Palatine Rhine, Archbailiff]
E1  DVX SAXONIE|Portitorensis (D1). [The Duke of Saxony, Archmarshall [or Sword-bearer]]
B3  Hassić [The dignitary of Hessen.]
C1  IMPERATOR [The Emperor]
C2  Lotharingia [The Duke of Lorraine]
B3  Luchtenbergensis [The dignitary of Luchtenberg.]
E1  MARCHIO BRAND|Camemarius [The March-grave of Brandenburg, chamber servant.]
C3  Meidenburgensis [Military Dignitary from Meidenburg]
C2  Misnensis [The Marquis of Misnia]
D2  Morauiensis [The Marquis of Moravia]
D3  Nurubergensis [The military Dignitary [or Earl] of Nurnberg.]
A1  ORDINES SACRI ROMANI IMP:AB OTTONE III INSTITVTI (B1) (C1) (D1) (E1) [The ranks of the Holy Roman Empire, as established by Otto the Third.]
C3  Quator Comites Castrenses Impery (D3) (E3) [Four dignitaries of the Empire.]
A3  Quator Comites Prouinciales Impery. (B3) (C3) [Four Provincial dignitaries of the Empire.]
A2  Quator Duces Impery. (B2) (C2) [Four Dukes of the Empire.]
C2  Quator Marchiones Impery. (D2) (E2) [Four Marquises of the Empire.]
D1  Quator officiales ac Electores seculares Romani Im. (E1) [Four officials and secular Electors of the Holy Roman Empire.]
D3  Reneck [the military Dignitary [or Earl] of Reineck]
D1  REX BOHEMIĆ|Princerna (C1) [The King of Bohemia, Archpourer, [or the Cup-bearer.]]
E3  Stromburgensis [The military dignitary [or Earl] of Stromburg.]
A2  Sweuić in Germ. [The Duke of Schwaben in Germany.]
A3  Thuringić [Dignitary of Thüringen.]
A1  Tres officiales ac Electores Ecclesiastici (B1) (C1) [Three officials and Electors on behalf of the Church.]

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