Theatrum Geographiae Veteris, Duobus Tomis Distinctum, ...

Bertius Atlas (1618)

Name of atlas : Theatrum Geographiae Veteris, Duobus Tomis Distinctum, Edente Petro Bertio Bevero. Christianissimi Galliarum Regis Ludovici XIII. Cosmographo.

(title first part): Theatri Geographiae Veteris Tomus prior in quo Cl. Ptol. Alexandrini Geographiae kibri VIII Graecé et Latiné Graeca ad codices Palatinos collata aucta et emendata sunt Latina infinitis ;ocis correcta opera P. Bertii Christianissimi Galliarum Regis Cosmographi (1618).

Stock number : 6043

Contents: 28 + 19 maps (specified below), 43x29 cms. The first part consists of 28 Ptolemey maps, engraved by Gerard Mercator for his edition of the Geographia of 1578. All 28 maps are blank on verso. The second part contains the engravings of the Peutinger Roman World Map from the plates Ortelius used on four sheets, and an extra 9th strip which was made specifically for this atlas and does not occur anywhere else.  Finally, there are 14 historical maps of Europe, 12 of them borrowed from the Parergon maps of Ortelius, a Low Countries map of Kaerius, and an Italy map of Cluverus, both based on Ortelius. Willebrord Snellius of Leiden also belonged to the contributors of this atlas. The last page of the atlas states: Luduni Batavorum excudebat typis suis Isaacus Elzevirus sumptibus Iodoci Hondii, anno 1618. The title page of the second part states however: Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius 1619. See also J. Denucé, Oud-Nederlandsche Kaartmakers, p. 2, 144 ff. Graesse Part I, p. 351.

A DVD containing all title pages and maps and some texts is available upon request.

Preliminary pages:

Page 1-2: old paper with property information, p. 3 blank old paper.

4-5: Short Title

6-7: Beautiful title page with Ptolemey and Marinus.

8-9: dedication and on verso: portrait of Bertius is the only page lacking in this atlas.

10-19: Foreword in Latin

20-21: Title page in Greek and Latin of Part I; on verso: Laudatory poem in Greek.

22-49 Two column background information in Greek and Latin, illustrated with drawings of various methods of projection.

50-266: Text of Ptolemaeus in 8 books, Greek and Latin text in two columns, with some mathematical illustrations.

267-68: Title page part I; on verso laudatory poem.

269: text for Ptolemaeic world map.

270-271 Ptolemaeic world map from Mercator 1578, blank on verso. Shirley 139, plate 118. Excellent condition.

273: text first map of Europe: Great Britain and Ireland,

274-275: Great Britain, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1: 0901:1.512 Blank on verso.

Slight overall browning.

277: text second map of Europe: Spain.

278-279: Spain, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0902:1:512, Blank on verso

281: Text third map of Europe: France.

282-283: France, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0903:1:512, Blank on verso

Slight browning.

285: text 4th map of Europe, Germany.

286-287: Germany, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0904:1:512, Blank on verso

289: text 5th map of Europe, Rhaetia, Pannonia.

290-291: Rhaetia, Pannonia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0905:1:512, Blank on verso

293: text 6th map of Europe, Italy.

294-295: Italy, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0906.1:512, Blank on verso.

297: text 7th map of Europe, Sardinia and Sicily.

298-299: Sardinia and Sicily, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0907:1:512, Blank on verso

301: text 8th map of Europe, Sarmatia.

302-303: Sarmatia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0908:1:512, Blank on verso.

Rust speck in upper right margin.

305: text 9th map of Europe, Mysia, Thracia.

306-307: Mysia, Thracia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0909:1:512, Blank on verso.

309: text 10th map of Europe, Greece.

310-311: Greece, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0910:1:512, Blank on verso.

313: text 1st map of Africa, Mauretania.

314-315: Mauretania, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0911:1:512, Blank on verso.

317: text 2nd map of Africa, Lybia.

318-319: Lybia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0912:1:512, Blank on verso.

321: text 3rd map of Africa, Egypt.

322-323: Egypt, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0913:1:512, Blank on verso.

325: one-page (not double) map of North Egypt, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0913A:1:512, rust speck in the centre; blank on verso.

327: text 4th map of Africa, Aethiopia.

328-329: Aethiopia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1, 0914:1:512, strong browning; blank on verso.

331: text 1st map of Asia, Natolia.

332-333: Natolia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0921:1:512, Blank on verso.

335: text 2nd map of Asia, Sarmatia.

336-337: Sarmatia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0922:1:512, Blank on verso.

339: text 3rd map of Asia, Armenia.

340-341: Armenia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0923:1:512, Blank on verso.

343: text 4th map of Asia, Palestina.

344-345: Palestina, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0924:1:512. Blank on verso.

347: text 5th map of Asia, Assyria.

348-349: Assyria, Mercator 1578 New Atlantes 1. 0925:1:512. Blank on verso.

351: text 6th map of Asia, Arabia.

352-353: Arabia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0926:1:512. Blank on verso.

355: text 7th map of Asia, Hyrcania.

356-357: Hyrcania, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0927:1:512. Blank on verso.

359: text 8th map of Asia, Scythia.

360-361: Scythia, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0928:1:512. Blank on verso.

363: text 9th map of Asia, Aria.

364-365: Aria, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0929:1:512. Blank on verso.

367: text 10th map of Asia, India.

368-369: India, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0930:1:512. Blank on verso.

371: text 11th map of Asia, India.

372-373: India, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0931:1:512. Blank on verso.

375: text 12th map of Asia, Taprobana.

376-377: Taprobana, Mercator 1578, New Atlantes 1. 0932:1:512. Blank on verso.

379 Title page part II.

380: Splendid portrait of Mercator..

381-408: Introduction in Latin

409-446 Index of placenames

447 Title page of Part II, Ex Officina Iudoci Hondij, Anno 1619.

448-492 Itinerarium.

493: Introductory text to Peutinger maps.

494-495: Peutinger map from Ortelius'Parergon, section 1 and 2. van den Broecke Ort 227.

Right edge folded because otherwise this map would be just too large for this atlas. Further in perfect condition, like the other Peutinger maps.

497: title section 3 and 4.

498-499: Peutinger map from Ortelius Parergon, section 3 and 4, van den Broecke Ort 228. Left edge partly folded.

501: title section 5 and 6.

502-503: Peutinger map from Ortelius Parergon, section 5 and 6, van den Broecke Ort 229. Right edge partly folded.

505: title section 7 and 8.

506-507: Peutinger map from Ortelius Parergon, section 7 and 8, van den Broecke Ort 230.

Left edge partly folded.

509-512: Text about Peutinger maps in Latin.

513: Folio size single page extra Peutinger map, not occurring in Ortelius or in later Janssonius Peutinger series, but only occurring in Bertius. Blank on verso. Two loose manuscript maps, unfinished, in Peutinger style.

515-530: Explanations in Latin about Peutinger maps.

531: Title page announcing 14 maps from Ortelius' Parergon. Blank on verso. Note that some maps are not by Ortelius but later, some very rare.

533: Text on Europa map.

534-535: Europam sive Celticam Veterem, New Atlantes 1000H:1:512.

536: Continuation of text Europa map.

537: Text Brittanicae Insulae.

538-539: Ortelius Brittannicarum Insularum Typus, van den Broecke Ort.192. Left and right edge folded. Slight browning at bottom centerfold.

540: Continuation of text Brittanicae Insulae.

541: Text Hispania.

542-543: Henricus Hondius Hispaniae Veter

544-546: Continuation of text on Hispaniae.

547: Text Gallia Strabonis.

548-549: Ortelius Galliae Veteris Typus, van den Broecke Ort196.

550-555: Continuation of text Gallia Strabonis.

556: blank.

557: Text Belgium.

558-559: Belgi Veteris Typus, New Atlantes 1. 3000H:364, by Petrus Kaerius. Ludovicus Hondius signs a laudatory poem in top right corner.

560: continuation of text Belgium.

561: Text Germania.

562-563: Ortelius Germaniae Veteris Typus, van den Broecke Ort198.

564-568: continuation of text Germaniae.

569: Text Italiae.

570-571: Cluverius 1603 Italy.

572: Blank.

573: Text Sicilia sive Trinacria.

574-575: Ortelius Sicilia Veteris Typus, van den Broecke Ort211. Blank on verso.

577: Text Dacia et Moesia.

578-579: Ortelius Daciarum Moesiarumque Vetus Descriptio, van den Broecke Ort212.

580: Continuation text Daciarum.

581: Text Pontus Euxinus.

582-583: Ortelius Pontus Euxinus, van den Broecke Ort213. Left and right edge folded.

584: continuation text Euxinus.

585: Text Thracia.

586-587: Ortelius Thraciae Veteris Typus, van den Broecke Ort 214.

588: continuation text Thracia.

589: Text Graecia sive Hellas.

590-591: Iudocus Hondius Hellas Graecia Sophiani, Van den Broecke Ort 215.

592: Blank.

593: text Africa Propria.

594-595: Ortelius Africae Propriae Tabula, van den Broecke Ort 218.

596: continued text Africa Propria.

597: Text Palestinae.

598-599: Ortelius Palestinae, van den Broecke Ort172.

580: continuation text Palestinae.

581: Farewell to the reader.

582 Colophon: Lugduni Batavorum,

Excudebat typis suis Isaacus Elsevirius,

Sumptibus Iudoci Hondii

Anno 1618

Two sheets of old paper.

A complete atlas in excellent condition with only the portrait of Bertius lacking, containing  a rare Cluverius/Hondius map and a unique Peutinger folio showing part of Britain. Old original but worn leather binding and covers.

All maps except Aethiopia in splendid condition.

Price: Euro 22500,-

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