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Text (translated from the 1579/1560L2Add, 1579 Latin, 1580/1589 German, 1581 French, 1584 Latin, 1587 French, 1588 Spanish, 1592 Latin, 1595 Latin, 1598 French, 1601 Latin, 1602 German, 1602 Spanish, 1603 Latin, 1606 English, 1608/1612 Italian, 1609/1612/1641 Spanish and 1609/1612 Latin edition)

40.1. {1579/1580L2Add{The Duchy of ANIOV.

40.2. THe people and country of the Andegavenses are placed in Gallia Lugdunensi by Ptolemæus. The country is now called Anjou, and its people Angeuins. In past times it went under the name of an earldom, but since the year 1350 {1580/1589G & 1602G have instead{1530}1580/1589G & 1602G instead} it has been adorned with the title of a Duchy. East it borders on Tourain and Vendosme, as it is commonly called. West it borders on Bretaigne {1602G instead{Brittania or England}1602G instead}. {1579/1580L2Add, 1579L, 1580/1589G, 1588S, 1592L, 1595L, 1601L & 1602G only{Pictones or in the vernacular}1579/1580L2Add, 1579L, 1580/1589G, 1588S, 1592L, 1595L, 1601L & 1602G only} Poictou bounds it Southward, and the Counties of Maine and La Val <are> on the North, constituting its borders.
40.3. It is not a very large country, but in fruitfulness inferior to no other in France. The wine of Aniou {1579/1580L2Add, 1579L, 1580/1589G, 1592L, 1595L, 1601L, 1602G & 1608/1612I only{commonly called Vin de Anjou}1579/1580L2Add, 1579L, 1580/1589G, 1592L, 1595L, 1601L, 1602G & 1608/1612I only} excels above all other French wines. Nor is it destitute of other commodities, required either for the necessities or the pleasures in people's lives, beautified as it is everywhere with Rivers, Mountains, Woods and Meadows. It abounds with cattle large and small, and with fish. All this is afforded to them by their Rivers and Meadows. Out of their Mountains they dig Marble, and a kind of blue Slates with which they cover their Churches and houses {1579/1580L2Add, not in 1581F, 1587F, 1588S & 1602S{{against any harm from heaven}1579/1580L2Add, not in 1581F, 1587F, 1588S & 1602S}. The common people call them Ardoises.
40.4. The Region is watered by so many Rivers, Brooks, Fountains, Fish pools, Lakes and Ponds that some are of the opinion that it was therefore called Ægada or Aguada after its abundance of waters, {not in 1598F & 1609/1612/1641S{for in the Aquitaigne tongue they call Water Aigues}not in 1598F & 1609/1612/1641S}. The main rivers, besides others, are the Ligeris which the inhabitants call the Loire, and also The Father of French rivers. Into this river, {1606E only{within the area of Anjou,}1606E only} empty {1580/1589G & 1602G have instead{Other rivers in this area are}1580/1589G & 1602G instead} the rivers Vienne, Diue, Thouets, Layon, Leure, Guiuatte, Mayne, Seure, Loir (a river different from Ligeris for it empties into it, and is by modern Latin Writers called Ledus), Autyon, Oudon, Mayenne, Brionneau, Losse and Erdret &c, so that <altogether> about forty Rivers run through this Province.
40.5. It has various fair cities, the main one of which is called Angiers, perhaps the same as the one called Iuliomagus in Ptolemæus. This main city of the whole Region is built on either side of the river Meduan joined by a stone bridge. Its antiquity is evident from certain ancient ruins of a Theatre above the City, called Brohan by the common people. Old coins are sometimes found here. Ludovicus the second in the year 1389 {1580/1589G & 1602G have instead{1589}1580/1589G & 1602G instead} established a University here. There are also other towns worth noting, <such> as Saumur, Belfort, Bauge &c. Most of the information for the narration about this Map we have translated from Belleforrest, who is the French Münster. To whom, who wants to, may add Thevet}1579/1580L2Add} © Marcel van den Broecke ©.

Bibiographical sources mentioned in this text:

Belleforest 40.5
Guyet, Lezin is mentioned in the cartouche of the Anjou map as its maker Ort40
Ptolemæus 40.2, 40.5
Thevet 40.5

No bibliographical sources available

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