Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 177

Bibliographical sources mentioned in these texts:

Africanus, Ioannes Leo 177.2, 177.13 : Bk.2 177.10; : Bk.3 177.21
Ardens the Poet, quoted by Hieronymus 177.22
Barros, Ioannes : Bk.3 Ch.3 First Decade of Asia 177.30
Curio, CŠlius Augustinus : Saracen History 177.13
Hieronymus : Second Epistle addressed at to virgin Geruchia, quoting from Ardens the Poet 177.22
Lopez, Odoardo 177.24
Maffeius : Bk.15 Indian Histories 177.27, 177.28, 177.30
Marmolius 177.13, 177.14, 177.21
Ortelius mentions himself as the designer of this map. This is one of two maps (the other being Ort11, the third Americas plate) outside the Parergon where this is the case, Ort177
Pigafetta, Philippo is mentioned on the inset map of Congo as its maker, Ort177; further in maptexts: 177.24, 177.29, Bk.2 177.30
Toressi, Diego : About Xariffs 177.21, 177.22

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