Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 103

Bibliographical sources mentioned in this text:

Corvinus, Laurentius 103.13
Crato, Johan 103.2, 103.13
Cureus, Joachim : Chronicles of Silesia 103.15
Faber, Franciscus : Peoem about Silesia 103.15
Helwig, Martinus mentioned in cartouche as the maker of the Silesić map Ort103
Monau, Jacob 103.14, 103.15
Ptolemćus 103.6
Rhedinger, Nicolaus, mentioned in the cartouche of the second Silesić map as the person to whom this map has been dedicated, Ort103
Sylvius, Ćneas 103.13

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