Cartographica Neerlandica Bibliographical Sources for Ortelius Map No. 085

Bibliographical sources mentioned in these texts:

Cranzius, Albert 85.6 : 13th & 25th Chapter 2nd and 3rd Book of Metropolis 85.10, 85.11
Chytræus, David : History of Saxony 85.13
Cornelis Anthoniszoon is mentioned in the cartouche of the half sheet Denmark map as its maker, Ort85a
Hoppenrode, Andrew : Pedigrees 85.13
Iordane, Mark 85.7
Irenicus 85.10
Michaelis, Laurentius is mentioned in the cartouche of the Oldenburg map as its maker, Ort85
Münster, Sebastian 85.6
Magnus, Olaus 85.7, 85.8
Plutarch 85.12
Saxo Grammaticus 85.2, 85.6
Zieglerus, Iacobus 85.8

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